Neck Pain

Neck Pain

The neck is a delicate part of the body; strong enough to carry the head's weight, it is also very delicate and can be prone to neck pain. Neck pain causes include irritation, inflammation, injury, infection, encroachment of the vertebral canal's vascular supply, or invasion of the cord into the spinal canal, as well as the disc thinning or disc degeneration, or even deterioration of muscles and ligaments that are the result of arthritis. When the neck's curvature goes awry because of illness or injury, it can end up being too straight or even reversing its curve. Patients suffering chronic neck pain, need to get an accurate diagnosis of the source of the neck pain, in order to have the root causes of the problem effectively treated.

Unfortunately, neck conditions can be subtle, and a patient may not realize there's a problem for some time. By the time patients become so desperate for neck pain relief that they seek neck pain treatment from a doctor, the problem has often progressed to an acute degree. That's why it's better to get regular examinations, instead of waiting until a condition results in chronic neck pain. A doctor will be able to determine and treat conditions before they require chronic pain management.

Using non-invasive, holistic practices like chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapy, and other natural methods, the Decatur chiropractors at our clinic are able to alleviate a variety of conditions. A thorough examination leads to accurate diagnostic assessment, resulting in a customized treatment that incorporates the best treatments and therapy for neck pain for each patient's medical concerns.

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