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  • Health Risks and Dangers of Sunburn

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 25-Jun-2014

    When the sun’s out your mood improves and you want to spend as much time as possible outdoors. But be careful not to over-expose your skin to the sun. When you get too much sun, you get sunburn. And sunburn causes many health problems – long-term and short-term, cosmetic and serious. Read on to discover more about the nature of sunburn and the particular risks associated with ...
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  • Improve Your Fitness: Exercise After 50

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 18-Jun-2014

    Exercise gets more important, not less important, as you grow older. You may give the excuse that you are “too old” to start exercising, or you are too tired, or you have a bad back; but the truth is, the worst thing you can do is lead a sedentary lifestyle as an older adult. Getting regular exercise helps you avoid serious illness, boosts your energy, increases your self-esteem and ...
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  • How You Can Find the Time for Exercise

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 11-Jun-2014

    Setting aside time for exercise is important for your mental and physical health but many of us find it impossible to prioritize fitness over other commitments. Finding the time for fitness can seem impossible. But it can be done even if you have a busy life and endless things to do; you can and should find time for exercise. Here’s how you can fit physical activity into your everyday life. ...
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  • 8 Ways to Avoid Sports Injuries

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 5-Jun-2014

    Whether you play soccer or basketball, football or hockey, you will understand how problematic it is when you face sports injuries. If you have been playing for a long time, you should have your own strategies for avoiding injury. But if you are new to sport it helps to take a little advice on how to prevent problems occurring. Here are eight tips for avoiding sports injuries and staying fit and ...
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