Complete Fitness: 4 Ideas for Staying Motivated

Complete Fitness: 4 Ideas for Staying Motivated

Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 21-May-2014

Think about how you feel when you start a new exercise regime – full of enthusiasm, excited to begin, and keen to visit the gym or get started on a running program. Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep this motivation one month later, or even long-term? The truth is that fitness doesn’t have to be a chore. Build exercise into your everyday life and learn how to keep interested in working out and getting fit.

Tips for Starting a New Exercise Regime:

  1. Goals – Set yourself a main goal and break this down into smaller targets. Don’t try to do everything at once. If you set the bar too high you are setting yourself up for failure, which is highly demotivating. Start really small with goals that are easy to meet such as exercising for 10 minutes, three times a week for the first week, and building on this each week.
  2. Inspiration – Look for examples of people who have achieved fitness goals you admire, such as running a marathon or losing weight. Tape pictures related to your goal on the refrigerator, and read about how people have made fitness part of their lives. Make sure you choose someone worthy of admiration – not someone with an eating disorder or an unattainable physique.
  3. Support – Enlist the help of friends and relatives to keep your motivation to exercise. Exercising with someone can help you continue to go to the gym or take classes – it’s more fun when you have someone to chat to. Plus, an exercise buddy can offer encouragement and support when you don’t feel like exercising. If you cannot rely on your friends or family, join a group at the gym or an online community.
  4. Enjoyment – Exercise and fitness needs to be fun if you are going to stick to it long-term. If you are bored with your routine you are not likely to continue with it, leading to frustration and guilt. Vary your activities on a weekly or daily basis. Choose a yoga class, or take dance lessons. Sign up for a softball league, or take weekly hikes to different local areas. Even if you want to focus on one activity, such as running, you can still build variety into your sessions – choose different routes, concentrate on different aspects of the activity such as speed work or hill running, and make sure you factor in some stretching exercises.

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