How to be Healthier this Memorial Day Weekend

How to be Healthier this Memorial Day Weekend

Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 22-May-2014

Are you looking forward to Memorial Day weekend? The chance to kick back and relax with family and friends, the grill fired up and the sun shining? Or are you also worried about piling on the pounds when faced with all those tempting foods like burgers, hot dogs, chips and fries? Here’s how you can enjoy Memorial Day without losing your healthy edge.

  1. Start as you mean to go on

Set yourself up for the day with a good breakfast – combine a lean protein with some healthy carbohydrates. Your stomach will be full and you will be less likely to snack on unhealthy foods once you get to the Memorial Day event.

  1. Choose the healthy options

When looking at the food on the grill, consider how you can eat well without consuming too much saturated fat . For example, burgers are delicious but fattening. Chicken breast is better for you, or choose a turkey burger. Skip the bread and fill your plate with salad. You can also make better choices when it comes to side dishes. Macaroni and cheese is out, a quinoa salad with nuts and veggies is in. Vegetable kebabs make a good alternative to a burger, and you can also enjoy low-fat potato salad rather than the full-fat traditional option.

  1. Pick your snacks

Don’t overdo it with the chips and snacks. Popcorn is a good alternative, as are unsalted nuts. You could also bring some cereal bars with you so you don’t get tempted to snack on too many chips.

  1. Drink up

Beware of too much alcohol – not only could you end up with a headache but alcoholic drinks are high in calories, particularly the cocktails and mixed drinks. Have one or two drinks and alternate with water. Fruit juices and sodas are also high in calories, plus often have too much sugar, so make water your main drink.

  1. Eat a healthy dessert

Fruit is the best option to round-out the meal. Try fruit salad with a low-fat yogurt or low-fat ice cream. Fruit kebabs are a good alternative, especially when you add bananas and other fruit that has been lightly grilled.

  1. Run around

If you are active and playing lots of sports and games you burn calories and make the weekend much healthier. Get involved in a game of softball, or play with a football. Keep active and the pounds will stay off.

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