What Is Little League Shoulder?

What Is Little League Shoulder?

Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 27-Dec-2017

Athletes of all ages are more prone to certain injuries, and children are no exception. Child baseball, softball, and even football players may develop little league shoulder, a condition that affects the growth plates. Although painful and inconvenient, this issue is treatable and children often see a full recovery with proper care and management.

About Little League Shoulder

When the shoulder joint is overworked, used incorrectly, or injured in some way, it can damage the growth plates at the end of the long bones. This area, called the epiphyseal plate, can become weak and may separate, causing little league shoulder. The growth plates are the weakest part of the shoulder and are therefore more susceptible to injury. These types of injuries can be caused by overuse due to repeated pitching, or poor mechanics.

Signs Your Child May Have Little League Shoulder

Children, especially active children, are injured often, and so it can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between typical bruises or aches and viable injuries. The most common symptom of little league shoulder is discomfort or pain in the shoulder area, especially when pitching or throwing. Your child might also begin to throw in a different way, and the throwing speed is likely to decrease.

What Can You Do?

If you suspect your child has little league shoulder, stop all activity for that shoulder immediately. If little league shoulder goes unchecked or your child continues with his or her normal activities, it could result in serious bone damage to the shoulder. However, when treated, most children make a full recovery. Although children suffering from little league shoulder should stop any overhead activity, they may still continue with other athletic activities that do not put further stress on the injured area. For example, cardiovascular activity should be perfectly acceptable.

Most importantly, make sure you take your doctor to see a trained medical professional for little league shoulder treatment. Experienced physical therapists can work with your child to stretch and strengthen the injured area, promoting healing and preventing further damage.

If you suspect your child has little league shoulder, our team wants to help. Contact Georgia Accident Rehab Centers to book an appointment at our Decatur office today.

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