Safety Tips to Keep You Covered This Spring

Safety Tips to Keep You Covered This Spring

Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 16-Mar-2017

With springtime just around the corner, warm weather and outdoor fun are sure to follow. At Georgia Accident Rehab Centers, we want to give out a bit of free advice help keep you and your family happy and healthy this season. Whether your spring plans consist of afternoon gardening and short strolls through the park, or 100-mile backpacking adventures through the Sierras, these tips can help you.


Stretching before and after any physical activity warms up your muscles, making them less prone to strains and tears. The Mayo Clinic, a foundation for medical education and research, says stretching can help increase the range of motion in your joints, improve your athletic ability, and decrease your chance of injury. For those with chronic back pain, stretching is an important step in bringing gentle motion to otherwise stiff muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Stay Hydrated

This age-old advice has been repeated again and again for a very good reason—drinking water really is that good for you. Drinking water will not only keep your body hydrated, it also keeps you awake and alert, and can even help clear your skin, according to Medical News Today. Even our joint and back health depends on our hydration. Cartilage, which is found in joints, contains roughly 80% water. Drinking enough water maintains healthy cartilage, which improves shock absorption that could otherwise lead to joint pain.

Wear Safety Equipment

Whenever necessary, wear the appropriate protective gear and equipment to better guard yourself from possible harm and injury. If you are out gardening, bring a soft cushion or low chair to relieve joint pressure, especially for those with knee or lower back pain. If you plan on playing sports, wear helmets and necessary pads to protect your head and extremities.


Never underestimate the healing power of a well-rested body. While you may be tempted to spend this season in a non-stop flurry of activity, remember to reign yourself in and allow your body time to rest and refresh.

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