The Dangerous Repercussions of Distracted Driving

The Dangerous Repercussions of Distracted Driving

Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 17-May-2017

Numerous research groups have recently come to one harrowing conclusion: distracted driving behaviors are on the rise in America. Despite efforts to deter people from using smartphones and other technology while behind the wheel, distracted driving has quickly become the number one cause of auto accidents in the country. Some statistics suggest that 40% of all traffic collisions involve at least one driver that was using or “very recently used” their cellphone at the moment of impact.

Many point to the younger generation that grew up with a cellphone nearby at all times now learning to drive as the root cause of distracting driving accidents increasing. While this is certainly a factor, it does not consider the fact that a National Safety Council (NSC) study found that all age groups reported using a smartphone behind the wheel with near-identical frequency. Others believe an economic upturn has put more drivers on the road than in recent years. No matter the cause of distracted driving, the result is always the same: an unreasonable and preventable hazard on the road.

Injuries Caused in Distracted Driving Accidents

Distracted driving occurs everywhere, from up on freeways to near busy city intersections. A negligent driver does not consider their surroundings when using a smartphone. Thus, distracted driving can lead to any kind of car accident and result in any sort of serious or permanent injury.

People blindsided by distracted drivers often report:

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