7 Back Pain Red Flags You Should Probably Not Ignore

7 Back Pain Red Flags You Should Probably Not Ignore

Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 21-Mar-2018

Nearly everyone experiences back pain at one point, but there are red flags that may indicate something serious. Much like a car, certain signs are not indicative of a freak accident but are instead symptoms of wear and tear and other issues under the hood. Even if you don’t have back pain all the time, here are common warning signs, why they may be occurring, and why you should not ignore them.

  1. Pain shooting down your back: While sharp back pain might just be a passing muscle spasm, it could also be something much more severe, like an infection, a compression fracture, or a herniated disc.
  2. Trouble going to the bathroom: If you’re urinating or going #2 and also feeling back pain, you might have a condition called cauda equine syndrome. It’s a rare type of nerve compression that can be fixed with surgery, but first, you need to get it diagnosed.
  3. Rapid and drastic weight loss: Together with back pain, it could be a symptom of cancer. If there is a history of cancer in your family, you should see a doctor immediately.
  4. Pain increases when you sit or lie down: If this has been going on for months, it’s not a good sign and could be axial back pain. While 90% of these cases resolve themselves on their own, you may need to get an injection or have surgery, depending on your situation.
  5. Back pain is associated with injury: If you suffered an injury to your back or neck and have been in pain since you might want to call a health care provider to see what your options are. You can never be too careful, especially when you may have sustained a spinal injury.
  6. Limbs are tingling: Severe back pain, coupled with tingling limbs can be a sign of an injury related to your nervous system, such as a herniated disc. If left untreated, it could lead to compression on your spinal cord, affecting your nerves.
  7. Fever: If a fever accompanies your back pain, it could be a sign of a serious infection, including connective tissue disease or a spinal infection. If the fever is above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, call your doctor as soon as possible.

If you’re suffering from back pain, an experienced chiropractor can work with you to stretch and strengthen the injured area and prevent further damage from occurring. Contact our Decatur chiropractors at Georgia Accident Rehab Centers today to book an appointment.

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