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  • Football Players, Watch Your Back: Common Athlete Injuries

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 26-Sep-2019

    The NFL’s 2017 and 2018 Defensive Player of the Year, Los Angeles Rams’ DT Aaron Donald, may be feeling the price of his success. After sustaining an injury during the Rams Sept. 15 th game vs. the Saints, Donald had to take it easy during practice to avoid exacerbating his back. Another ex-player, Andrew Luck, retired at age 29 after tiring of the repeated pain and mental hardship he ...
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  • 7 Back Pain Red Flags You Should Probably Not Ignore

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 21-Mar-2018

    Nearly everyone experiences back pain at one point, but there are red flags that may indicate something serious. Much like a car, certain signs are not indicative of a freak accident but are instead symptoms of wear and tear and other issues under the hood. Even if you don’t have back pain all the time, here are common warning signs, why they may be occurring, and why you should not ignore ...
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  • Chronic Knee, Hip & Ankle Pain Alleviated by Chiropractic Care

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 23-Jan-2018

    Millions of Americans have had some sort of surgical work performed on their ankles, hips, or knees. Countless more live with chronic pain or problems that have never been addressed by a medical professional. Most people put off trying to cure or alleviate their hip, ankle, or knee pain because they understandably want to shy away from surgery, which carries its inherent risks. Many more do not ...
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  • How Often Should I Get Adjusted?

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 9-Oct-2017

    Chiropractic Adjustments Are a Viable Treatment Option Chiropractic treatment can serve many of your interests, from helping cure your insomnia to instant and lasting pain relief. Whether you are suffering from an old sports injury, trying to relieve pain following a car accident, or are simply suffering from chronic pain chiropractic adjustments are a valuable and viable treatment option. ...
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  • Hand Numbness & Tingling: Discover the Cause

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 27-Sep-2017

    Did you know your hand and finger numbness might be caused by a nerve issue in your neck or back ? You might be one of the 20 million Americans who suffers from peripheral neuropathy, which can cause numbness and tingling in the hands. Oftentimes nervous issues dealing with the spinal cord can impact other areas of our bodies, especially the limbs. Our nerves can be very sensitive, and if there is ...
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  • Back to School Chiropractic Care for Kids

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 23-Aug-2017

    As you get your children outfitted and prepped for the upcoming school year, consider adding chiropractic care to your list. Children can benefit from chiropractic care just as well as adults, especially active kids who participate in sports. Although some people believe they only need to see a chiropractor for the treatment of an injury, chiropractic care and physical therapy methods can also be ...
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  • Why It Is Important to Have a Chiropractor

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 12-May-2017

    Americans are straying further and further away from risky pharmaceuticals and surgeries with each passing year. There is simply too much worry about addictions, side effects, and complications. Instead, people want to use complementary alternative medicine – sometimes called CAM – to alleviate pain and address non-life-threatening complications. Chiropractic care, in particular, is on ...
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  • Can Visiting a Chiropractor Boost Your Immune System?

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 3-Apr-2017

    Chiropractic care has a number of benefits aside from relieving general aches and pains. By taking a comprehensive focus on the body’s musculoskeletal system, nervous system, and how conditions affect a person’s overall health, chiropractic care can have many useful applications in helping patients treat certain issues, find relief, and enjoy a better quality of life. This applies to ...
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  • Chiropractic Care for Treating Seizure Disorders

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 28-Mar-2017

    North Dakota's Valley News Live recently reported that a young girl who suffered from frequent seizures was completely cured after being introduced to chiropractic care. This is another excellent example of how chiropractic care can change lives and restore people to health. Best of all, the child’s full recovery came without pharmaceuticals and was fully natural. Seizures can occur when ...
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  • Bulging Disc 101: What Causes a Bulging Disc?

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 27-Mar-2017

    Experiencing Back Pain? Back pain is one of the most universal complaints, especially as we age or are involved in unforeseen accidents. While people can suffer from back pain for a variety of reasons, the pain of the low, middle, and upper back commonly results from issues with vertebral discs. In many cases, pain can be attributed to vertebrae in the spine that are not in the proper position. ...
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  • Access to Chiropractic Care Could Help Curb Opioid Abuse

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 20-Mar-2017

    Nearly 19,000 people have died since 2014 from opioid overdose. With opioid addiction at epidemic levels throughout the country, it is more important than ever for people to have non-pharmaceutical options for dealing with pain from chronic health conditions or after an accident. While efforts are being made to develop drugs with less risk of dependency, patients should still be aware of other ...
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  • Chiropractic Adjustments for Holiday Headaches

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 19-Dec-2016

    The holidays can be a chaotic and stressful time for anyone, but if you’re a frequent migraine sufferer, the hectic atmosphere around this time of the year can be even more difficult to bear. If you frequently suffer from headaches, one of the best gifts you can give yourself this holiday season is to make an appointment with Decatur Pain & Rehab. Our Decatur chiropractors can recommend ...
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  • Why You Should See a Chiropractor if You Have Whiplash

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 28-Nov-2016

    Whiplash is an injury to the neck that is often sustained in auto accidents. Whiplash occurs when there is a sudden or excessive hyperextension, hyperflexion, or rotation of the neck. A sudden acceleration-deceleration force, such as during a rear-end car accident, can cause the head to move rapidly forward and backward, leading to potentially serious injury to the neck and spine. You may have ...
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  • Physical Therapy for Sports Injuries

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 21-Sep-2016

    Athletes participating in all types of sports, including football, soccer, tennis, and more, may frequently suffer from injuries. When an injury occurs, it is important to seek medical treatment to both heal the immediate damage and prevent further injury. At Decatur Pain & Rehab, we offer physical therapy and chiropractic care. Both treatment methods are effective, drug-free ways to restore ...
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  • Why Epsom Salts Help Relieve Back Pain

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 12-Jan-2016

    Does Epsom Salt Help Back Pain? Epsom salt may help alleviate back pain by working its way through the skin and into sore muscles when you take a warm Epsom salt bath. Soaking for 20 minutes in water that is between 92 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit with Epsom salt can help ease sore back muscles and may also benefit your skin, as it can exfoliate dead skin cells and soften it. How Do Epsom Salts ...
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  • Post-Massage Tips to Help You Feel Better Sooner

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 4-Jan-2016

    Massage therapy can be beneficial for a number of reasons. Whether you have been involved in a car accident that left you sore, have sustained an injury while playing a sport, or are experiencing muscle soreness for any other reason, a massage can help alleviate pain, stress, and tightness. While receiving massage therapy is the first step towards achieving comfort, the things you do after a ...
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  • Information on Spinal Decompression

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 28-Sep-2015

    Persons experiencing mild to chronic neck and back pain can benefit from spinal decompression. This method is used to treat individuals who have been injured in sports-related accidents, car accidents, and slip and fall accidents. This procedure can also help those who experience pain from average daily activities. Additionally, spinal decompression is used to treat some of the following injuries: ...
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  • The Many Benefits of Massage Therapy

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 10-Aug-2015

    Massage therapy can be an extremely beneficial way to not only unwind, but to reap many health benefits as well. More Americans are turning to massages for help with a variety of conditions and are finding that the relaxation it provides greatly improves their sense of health and well-being. There are many different types of massage. Five of the most common types include: Deep tissue massage. This ...
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  • Back Pain: Causes, Treatment and Prevention

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 29-Apr-2014

    Back pain is a common complaint that causes thousands of hours of lost work and significantly affects quality of life. It is estimated that Americans spend around $50 billion as a country on back pain each year – and that’s not including the hidden costs of the health condition. Back pain is a big problem and if it affects you then you’ll understand how difficult it can be. Here ...
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  • Benefit your Body and Mind with Rehabilitation Therapy

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 24-Apr-2014

    For anyone suffering from lingering pain after an accident or illness, rehabilitation therapy can bring big benefits. The advantages of rehabilitation therapy include helping to return the body to its pre-injury or pre-illness form, using techniques like physical therapy, cardio therapy, speech therapy, and respiratory therapy depending on the injury or the health condition in question. ...
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  • Must-Know Facts about Herniated Discs

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 23-Apr-2014

    If you have the misfortune to suffer from a herniated disc, also known as a ruptured disc or a slipped disc, you will know how painful the condition can be. A herniated disc occurs when one of the spinal discs is damaged. Spinal discs are small circular cushions that act as shock absorbers between your vertebrae. If a disc is torn or ruptured the softer material inside the hard disc will seep out ...
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  • What is Peripheral Neuropathy? Symptoms and Causes

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 16-Apr-2014

    Peripheral neuropathy may not be the most well-known condition but it is more common than you might think. Peripheral neuropathy is a complication arising from nerve damage, which may be caused by a number of factors including infection and metabolic problems. Here are some facts about peripheral neuropathy, its symptoms and its causes. Peripheral Neuropathy: Types Peripheral neuropathy is the ...
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  • The Top 10 Benefits of Chiropractic Care

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 15-Apr-2014

    The chiropractic system is a set of procedures and techniques designed to bring relief from pain and to restore mobility – this practice has helped thousands of people suffering from back pain, knee pain, joint pain, sports injuries, headaches, sleeping problems, leg pain, repetitive stress injuries, and more. Benefits of Chiropractic Care: Chiropractic is a holistic approach to treating ...
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