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  • Chiropractic Adjustments for Holiday Headaches

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 19-Dec-2016

    The holidays can be a chaotic and stressful time for anyone, but if you’re a frequent migraine sufferer, the hectic atmosphere around this time of the year can be even more difficult to bear. If you frequently suffer from headaches, one of the best gifts you can give yourself this holiday season is to make an appointment with Decatur Pain & Rehab. Our Decatur chiropractors can recommend ...
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  • Treatment Options for Chronic Headaches & Migraines

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 3-Nov-2016

    Headaches are an extremely common ailment that affects most Americans from time to time. However, when headaches occur frequently and with a degree of intensity so severe that they begin to negatively impact your life, it is important to seek medical treatment. While over-the-counter pain medications can temporarily relieve symptoms, migraine sufferers often report that the pain just end up coming ...
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  • Information on Spinal Decompression

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 28-Sep-2015

    Persons experiencing mild to chronic neck and back pain can benefit from spinal decompression. This method is used to treat individuals who have been injured in sports-related accidents, car accidents, and slip and fall accidents. This procedure can also help those who experience pain from average daily activities. Additionally, spinal decompression is used to treat some of the following injuries: ...
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  • How Chiropractic Helps Migraines

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 28-May-2014

    Do you suffer from migraines or severe headaches that recur frequently? If so, you could benefit from chiropractic treatment for your condition. Research has taken place into chiropractic that shows it is of benefit for people suffering from headaches and migraines. Here’s how and why chiropractic can make a difference to your chronic pain condition. Chiropractic can lessen the pain of ...
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