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  • Football Players, Watch Your Back: Common Athlete Injuries

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 26-Sep-2019

    The NFL’s 2017 and 2018 Defensive Player of the Year, Los Angeles Rams’ DT Aaron Donald, may be feeling the price of his success. After sustaining an injury during the Rams Sept. 15 th game vs. the Saints, Donald had to take it easy during practice to avoid exacerbating his back. Another ex-player, Andrew Luck, retired at age 29 after tiring of the repeated pain and mental hardship he ...
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  • What Is Little League Shoulder?

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 27-Dec-2017

    Athletes of all ages are more prone to certain injuries, and children are no exception. Child baseball, softball, and even football players may develop little league shoulder, a condition that affects the growth plates. Although painful and inconvenient, this issue is treatable and children often see a full recovery with proper care and management. About Little League Shoulder When the shoulder ...
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  • Back to School Chiropractic Care for Kids

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 23-Aug-2017

    As you get your children outfitted and prepped for the upcoming school year, consider adding chiropractic care to your list. Children can benefit from chiropractic care just as well as adults, especially active kids who participate in sports. Although some people believe they only need to see a chiropractor for the treatment of an injury, chiropractic care and physical therapy methods can also be ...
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  • Physical Therapy for Sports Injuries

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 21-Sep-2016

    Athletes participating in all types of sports, including football, soccer, tennis, and more, may frequently suffer from injuries. When an injury occurs, it is important to seek medical treatment to both heal the immediate damage and prevent further injury. At Decatur Pain & Rehab, we offer physical therapy and chiropractic care. Both treatment methods are effective, drug-free ways to restore ...
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  • What is a Post-Traumatic Headache?

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 5-Oct-2015

    The sports industry is an ever-growing part of American culture. In fact, nearly every age group can participate in sports, including children, teens, and adults. While sports can be a healthy part of a person’s life, there come many risks for injury, especially for those who play sports on a regular basis. Some of the most common sports injuries are back and neck related injuries, which ...
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  • The Many Benefits of Massage Therapy

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 10-Aug-2015

    Massage therapy can be an extremely beneficial way to not only unwind, but to reap many health benefits as well. More Americans are turning to massages for help with a variety of conditions and are finding that the relaxation it provides greatly improves their sense of health and well-being. There are many different types of massage. Five of the most common types include: Deep tissue massage. This ...
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  • 8 Ways to Avoid Sports Injuries

    Posted By Georgia Accident Rehab Centers || 5-Jun-2014

    Whether you play soccer or basketball, football or hockey, you will understand how problematic it is when you face sports injuries. If you have been playing for a long time, you should have your own strategies for avoiding injury. But if you are new to sport it helps to take a little advice on how to prevent problems occurring. Here are eight tips for avoiding sports injuries and staying fit and ...
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