Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain

Low back pain is a common complaint, with four out of every five physical medicine patients seeking treatment for back pain. Lower back pain has many causes, including pulled muscles or damaged discs, accident or injury, or even something as simple as improper lifting or bending. Pinpointing the root cause of lower back pain is important in determining the correct course of treatment.

Back pain is traditionally treated using rest, hot and cold packs, pain medication, muscle relaxants, and physical therapy, but alleviating it can be problematic. When chronic low back pain becomes a problem, and other low back pain treatment fails, doctors sometimes resort to surgery. Unfortunately, Failed Back Surgery Syndrome is often an issue, causing patients to experience a recurrence or even worsening of symptoms within a year or two of the operation.

Our chiropractic clinic in Decatur is committed to addressing the root causes of each patient's medical concerns instead of simply treating symptoms. A thorough examination will lead to an accurate diagnostic assessment, allowing the creation of a customized treatment plan, designed to provide low back pain relief through non-invasive methods. Our treatment plans include holistic healing practices like chiropractic care, low back pain exercises, massage therapy, physical therapy, and more.

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